Senator Barbara Ann Mikulski
Helping You to Be You Part 3: The Unexpected Route (2022)

  1. Senator Mikulski says that we must claim our power by realizing the power we have through our convictions, our collective groups, and our credentials. How does this manifest in the road fight?
  2. There are several examples here of unexpected opportunities that had powerful outcomes. Are there unexpected opportunities in your own life?  How have they shaped your current position and aspirations?
  3. Senator Mikulski talks about how they engaged students from the Whiting School of Engineering in developing maps for alternate routes. In what ways might your own research inform political issues?
  4. The Fort McHenry Tunnel became an alternate solution for the City of Baltimore. How did groups come together-even when they sometimes disagreed-to provide solutions for the objective?  How important is civil discourse in this process?
  5. What objectives are most important to you and how can you leverage what you are best at to help in the ways that you are needed? In essence, how can you be a meaningful agent of change?